So, We organized Bhilwara’s First Meetup…it’s BHILWARA WORDPRESS MEETUP

So, We organized Bhilwara’s First Meetup…it’s BHILWARA WORDPRESS MEETUP

Bhilwara wordpress meetup

Yes, I tried and I succeeded in creating an Official Meet-up in my city.

BHILWARA WORDPRESS MEETUP is the first meetup group created to date and we successfully organized First Meetup(Click here for more information about this meetup) as I got an opportunity to become the organizer of this meetup chapter. So, here I am going to share my experience.


Firstly, I want to tell you about WordPress. What is WordPress?… In simple language, we can say that it is the open-source CMS used to create websites.

And About WordPress meetup, it’s a community of interested people who work in WordPress to share their knowledge and experience with other people.

This is the first meetup I ever organized, and many people in Bhilwara also don’t know about Meetup. What is it? What do we do in a meetup? Etc. So, I have to let them know about Meetup. And then we scheduled our first meetup for 27th June 2018.


So the meetup day come, and we all are ready for the meetup except weather; it seems to be like nature don’t want this meetup to be held successfully. From morning, nature starts raining and we have nothing but to wait for it to stop.

After some time when rain stopped, then there is some hope come again and we just called everyone to take confirmation.

Finally, people came to this event and it successfully accomplished. But, I regret that I cannot provide them the SWAGs for coming to this event. SWAGs are scheduled to be delivered to me before 27th June but unfortunately, it stucks at Custom Clearance in India and so did not delivered to me.

So, this is the small experience, I shared with you about Bhilwara’s First Meetup.


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