Celebrated my birthday multiple times a day!!! Unforgettable moments

Celebrated my birthday multiple times a day!!! Unforgettable moments

22 August 1997, the date when I born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh is the date when I come to this universe. And yesterday was the same day when 22 years of my life completed. And my birthday is celebrated multiple times today. Here, I am sharing some instances of my birthday.


In the midnight of 22nd, I was surprised by my brothers Aman & Anup,  when I come to my room at night to fell asleep, They played music “Happy-Birthday” at very loud volume. At that time I just stuck as I was building my personal chatbot, so my mind is full of that stuff. They also arranged some small cakes with candles on the top. They put a birthday hat on my head. They also give me my favourite 5-star chocolate.

It was so nice, we had taken some selfies and enjoyed a lot. at the time, I thought I got off the Birthday Bomb. But, we cannot change what was destined.


Then on the morning of 22nd everyone wish me Happy birthday, bless me. I In the mid-day,  we planned for the movie “Satyameva Jayate“. Due to the festival ID, there was too much crowd in the theatre. We planned for the 04:00 PM in Inox but unfortunately, the house full and then we have to change our plan, then I and my friends (Suresh, Praddhyuman, Chirag, Vikram,  Dileep) visited Bioscope(a Miraj movie theatre). That was a fantastic movie. Ok, I will not be going to write the full review of that movie here, but that’s amazing.

This is how I celebrated my birthday. Here is my Birthday album:

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