It’s GDG now, got to know much in Google IO extended 2018

It’s GDG now, got to know much in Google IO extended 2018

So, here I am sharing my experience of GDG Udaipur 10 days later. On 30th June 2018, I attended Google IO Extended 2018 which was held in Udaipur by Google Developer Group Udaipur.

This event lets me learn a lot more things like a summary of Google IO 2018, information about open source technology and how to contribute in it, also I come to know about new technology in mobile app development i.e. Flutter is basically made the development of Android and IOS app easier. It requires dart language.

A very very thank you to Dhrumil Shah for letting us know much about Flutter and how to work with it. In the same event with the help of Flutter, we created a small Android app, not me of course as my whole time got spend on installing Android Studio and adding Flutter Module.

We also got enough knowledge about freelancing, how to develop projects, what are the necessary things we need to know. Some tools we should use for the develope and manage freelance projects. Mr Puneet Sahlot let us know so much about freelancing and they also ask us to contribute to the open source community. We can contribute our code on GitHub and make it open source.

We also had a lunch(Pizza Party) and we fill our stomach with Domino’s Pizza and a Coca-cola. In the lunchtime, I got to connect with a lot of people from different fields like Game Development, android development etc. It seems that this type of local community is helpful in connecting different intelligent minds.

So, this is the short summary of the event in Udaipur #GOOGLEIOEXTENDED2018. Thanks to Punita Ojha for organizing this event.

google io extended 2018 udaipur

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