Haldighati, Kumbhalgarh Fort, it’s all in the college tour

Haldighati, Kumbhalgarh Fort, it’s all in the college tour

So, this story is of college tour to the most historic place of Maharana Pratap, this time I am talking about Haldighati, Kumbhalgarh fort. Kumbhalgarh fort’s wall is the world’s 2nd largest wall after Great wall of China its length is approx. 36 km.

So, our trip is like we first visit Haldighati then we will depart to Kumbhalgarh where we will be having lunch, and then to visit the fort and finally we will depart back to home, via Rajsamand where we will be having DJ and dinner.

So, here we go,

Journey from Home to College to Bus

It’s winter, a real cold winter, the temperature is around 7° C. And I was already wake up late as always than I got ready and my mom drop me to the college where we wait for sometime. The Departure time is 05:30 AM and we got late approx. an hour, we departed from Bhilwara 06:30 AM. And our Journey of fun and entertainment started.

Journey in Bus to Haldighati

We enjoyed a lot on the way to HaldiGhati. We got some snacks, cupcakes etc. Also we got a Tea Break at Hotel Shree Sanwariya, Badarda, where we drunk hot tea and just refreshed, but when getting out of the bus, we realised the real cold over there….fog…it’s really very cold.🧤🧣🥼. It’s around 08:15 AM and we departed from there around 08:45 AM. We reached our destination I.e. HaldiGhati around 09:30 AM.

At Haldighati

Haldighati is famous mostly because of the Historical war between Mughal and Mewar(Maharana Pratap). We stayed at HaldiGhati for around 2 hours and taken some great Pictures. We also visited the Museum where all there weapons are showcased, we also watched the Movie- An animated biopic of Maharana Pratap from Birth to death. Really a Great Ruler, a great king, a great patriotic who is always put his life on the line for the country.

Then after staying for few hours, we then finally departed for the Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort from HaldiGhati

So, at around 11:15 AM we departed from HaldiGhati towards Kumbhalgarh fort. We had our lunch at Hotel Karni Palace, Kumbalgarh. The food was delicious with the Thali System. Then we finally through

Kumbhalgarh Fort

At Kumbhalgarh Fort

So, the Kumbhalgarh Fort is the Fort situated at the peak of the hills which are around 1900m from sea level. And the fort is also known as the hidden fort which no one can see from the ground.

Our bus dropped us way before the fort as the buses cannot cross the gates of the fort, so we were then used Jungle Safari kind open jeeps for travelling to the main entrance of the fort. And literally the way the Driver drives, we got too much afraid, and those turns, I still remember those dangerous turns and speed of the Jeep…

So, when we reached there(all well), we were able to see the way of the fort. It’s really very large. We then stay there visit the top of the fort. its like we can see the whole city from there. And also there is a saying over there that Kumbalgarh fort can be seen from Chittorgarh fort and Jodhpur fort, and Maharana Pratap and other Royal peoples contact and warn each other from these high altitude forts.

The place is awesome, with very big history of Rajputanas but not much to see inside the fort as 1. we need to walk to the top of the fort, no vehicles allowed. 2. Many portions are damaged. 3. If you love historical places then you must visit this fort.

Finally, Back to Home

So, after visiting this Kumbhalgarh fort, we had taken a route back to our home(Bhilwara) at around 04:30 PM and we had our dinner and DJ Party at ACP Hotel at Rajsamand( 06:30 PM – 08:15 PM ) and after that we return to our college at around 10:30 PM.

Really a safe, cool, enjoyable journey with our college-mates.

Here are some of the photos I had taken: Google Photos

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