My First Event-WordCamp Udaipur

My First Event-WordCamp Udaipur

wordcamp udaipur wordcamp udaipur wordcamp udaipur wordcamp udaipur

Yesterday, I attended the Wordcamp Udaipur (January 27, 2018) – This WordPress Event was held in #Udaipur #wcudaipur… I came across very Genius Minds today, had some talk with them. People present their opinion on various topics like
1. #Empowering self Expression With WordPress
2. WordPress beyond #Monolith
3. How #WordPress help Rahul Gupta put food on the table.
4. How to handle #clients successfully.
5. WordPress for #youth
6. #Paneldiscussion on #Gutenberg
7. Why one should contribute to a #opensource project like WordPress
8. Art of content #marketing in 2018
9. Automating the #theme development process
10. Managing #Customers the Right Way
These topics are expressed by various people. This is the first event I ever attend.
I was so #influenced that I will attend the events like this and will try to be a speaker too. WordPress

sign-Ankit Dangi

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