Organized Codelab in Bhilwara WordPress Meetup Chapter

Organized Codelab in Bhilwara WordPress Meetup Chapter

As you all know that last time we organized our first meetup that was introduction to WordPress. This time in our 2nd WordPress Meetup, we organized Codelab at Web Dev Fusion and more than 15 people RSVP for this Meetup. I thought that it will be great for everyone who take part in this Codelab.

This Meetup is organized on 25th July 2018 at 03:00 pm. Meetup link is here: link. In this Codelab, we discussed on setting up WordPress on localhost. And we also planned for future meetups like topic we will be going to cover in future meetups. Here are the steps we follow to setup WordPress locally.

Setting up WordPress on Localhost in 7 steps

Step 1: Install a local server XAMPP on your pc.(You can use any server you want)

Step 2: Download WordPress zip from

Step 3: Extract WordPress zip to htdocs directory under xampp folder (C://xampp/htdocs/)

Step 4: Now, in order to create a database you need to open phpmyadmin and click on create database option.

Step 5: Open WordPress directory in browser as localhost/wordpress and start the setup and fill the database details like database name, username, password etc.

Step 6: Your WordPress setup is almost complete, Give your WordPress site a title and provide necessary information.

Step 7: You are done now, just login to WordPress Dashboard by visiting localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/ and enjoy the site locally.

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